Well Folks, it may seem a bit strange to have fashion and food on the same blog....but hey its 2011 so anything goes, right??! I have a side business called Malika's Closet where I sell pre-owned designer brand name jeans. I just thought that I would post the link here in case anyone is interested.

So my new obsession has been to find a pair of ripped jeans...which I did yesterday at American Eagle, for $40, what a steal!! I have to admit that I saw Kim Kardashian sporting them latley and she always makes them look super chick and dressed up even though they are all ripped up. Anyways here are some of my favorite pics of her in ripped jeans.

So I have to say I love love loved this dress that Jennifer Aniston wore in the movie "Just go with it" which by the way is hilarious ( I love Adam Sandler). The designer is actually based out of Vancouver, which makes her even cooler to me! Her name is Anna Kosturova...too bad these dresses sell for $260....ouch!

What can I say I am a teeny tiny fan of Kim Kardashin....her style for me is either, I love it or I hate it..This outfit I love, its not trying to hard, its cool and laid back!

I also love black and white together its so classy and clean looking........this top and skirt are perfect for a night out!

I also like hippie chic for summer, so this ensemble is super cute! Go Kristen

I just love love love a white shirt and jeans! I think Lauren Conrad looks super cute in the outfit!

I know this has nothing to do with summer but I must admit that one of my dirty secrets is that I love the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians"!! I know it’s bad....but its sooo good. Any who I saw some episode a few months ago where all the girls were at a ski lodge and they had on the cutest pajamas...I scoured the internet to try and find a pair. They were of coarse Victoria Secret but it was not fall/winter so they are not carrying any at this time.....just wait till fall and hopefully they put them back in the catalogue!! Kim’s by the way were way cuter....but this is the closest pic I could find.

Another must have for summer is a pair of Aviators..............guess I need to get myslelf a pair! lol

I am definitley loving the little floral dress with a denim Jacket. Tres Cute!

P.S. I love Reese Whitherspoons Style!

So I am definatley loving these sunny days that are scattered here and there, it reminds me that it is in fact spring and that summer is on the way....I love spring and summer clothes! Anyways I just thought I would share with you some of my favorite trends.

Im loving the light denim shirt: Shirt Form American eagle

Im also love loving this Turquoise necklace which you can get at

Flirty Floral Dresses: this one is cute by Lauren Conrads Collection, Sold out at Kohls but available on

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