Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kombucha Tea

Hi Bloggers,
Sorry I have not posted anything in a while, I was in Mexico being naughty eating Nacho's and drinking Pina Colada's! Yummy in my tummy. Anywho, my friend Aimee dragged me to this vegan store here in New Westminster today called Karmavore. It actally had some cool stuff but it was not cheap!! I decided to try some cold Kombucha tea and it made my tongue numb and I feel a little funny but its all good because here is a list of all the health belefits!!

Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea
One of the major health benefits of Kombucha tea is its detoxification properties. The tea is rich in bacterial acids and enzymes that the body produces and uses to cleanse and detoxify itself, thus helping reduce the stress on the pancreas and easing the load on ones liver. Kombucha tea is also rich in Glucaric acid which has been reported to help prevent certain cancers. In the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this type of tea is labeled as the elixir of life and Tea of Immortality.
The detoxifying properties of Kombucha tea help ensure that the bodys systems will function properly and efficiently. Aside from Glucaric acid, Kombucha tea is also fortified with glucosamines. These are substances needed by the joints to stay strong and healthy. In particular, glucosamines help promote the production of hyaluronic acid which helps reduce arthritis-related pain and preserves the form and structure of cartilages. Hyaluronic acid also allows for the bodys connective tissues to bind more moisture, thereby maintaining healthy tissues, flexibility, and lubrication in the joints.
Kombucha tea contains acids that effectively calm the mind and body. Regularly drinking the tea will allow you to manage stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.
Aside from strengthening the body and curing it from different illnesses, Kombucha tea has cosmetic effects as well. Many people have discovered that drinking the tea has helped them achieve tighter, firmer skin and an overall better complexion and skin tone. Some reports suggest that it helps to strengthen and restore hair as well. In general, more and more Kombucha tea drinkers are discovering its anti-aging properties. Doctors and other health practitioners have started to recommend this organic tea to patients.
Other Benefits of Kambucha:
Helps to reduce the effects of a hangover
Helps in speeding up the metabolism
It assists in constipation
Aids in acid reflux
It assists with: asthma, cough, and bronchitis, it also protects children from phlegm
It prevents muscular pains and aches
It helps with allergies
It has been proven that it is extremely helpful when it comes to cataracts and several other formations at the cornea
It purifies the gall bladder and prevents nervous stomach and colitis
It helps in lowering the cholesterol level and softens the veins
Aids with infectious diarrhea
It helps in proper digestion
Aids in weight loss

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