Friday, 19 August 2011

Kombucha Wonder Drink

So on Wednesday night me and my friend Aimee went down to Bellingham to make another trip to our favorite store, Trader Joe's!! We also made a stop at Costco to get some cases of coconut water, it seems to be quite a bit cheaper across the border, why is that?? I also was salivating over how cheap wine is at Costco, damn, too bad we couldn’t bring any back since we were not gone over 24 hours! Anyways I got lots of yummy treats and Trader Joes.....but my latest obsession is kombucha, I think I first heard about it in Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet. It takes a little getting used to and tastes a little like cider but now I love it, its soo yummy. I particularly like this flavor, green tea & lemon. My friend Aimee found a video on youtube and is trying to make her first batch....I think I might do the same since this kombucha stuff isn’t cheap........Have any of you tried to make your own kombucha??

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