Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Petite Lasagnas

So one of my favorite blogs to read is called "Can you stay for Dinner"....I found this recipe on her blog and just had to try it! canyoustayfordinner I decided to make it last night. I really had no idea how wonton wrappers would taste in place of lasagna noodles...and to be honest they don’t taste similar at all but they don’t taste bad...just very very different. I usually make my lasagna with spinach and cottage cheese and a 3 cheese blend so it’s VERY Cheesy! This version uses homemade tomato sauce which I never use but it tasted very healthy! I substituted a few ingredients, I don’t eat ground turkey so I used veggie ground round and I have never used ricotta cheese in my lasagna so I went with my usual and used cottage cheese instead. Overall these little babies were very light and tasty and I felt like they had quite a few less calories which is not a bad thing for me!

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