Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tempeh Tantrum

So over the weekend I sat down again and planned out all the dinners and healthy new recipes I am going to make this week. Monday night’s dinner was going to be my first time making tempeh....and I was excited to try a new type of vegan protein. I made a shitake mushroom stir-fry with spinach, asparagus and smoked tempeh on a bed of quinoa. Sounds Yummy, doesn’t it? Well I am not sure if I just plain don’t like tempeh or if I just didn’t cook it right or if I just don’t like smoked tempeh, but this was not one of my favorite meals. Needless to say I was disappointed since I worked all day and then slaved in the kitchen whilst trying to entertain my son. I am now scarred off from buying tempeh again.......maybe next trip to the store I will try seitan instead?!

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